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Catering for the footy grand final

Posted by on Jan 27, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

If your club is catering to the footy grand final, you’ll need to work out how to feed and water the hungry masses as quickly as possible. If you’re tired on being on the sausage sizzle why not try a spit roast caterer this time? Here are some reasons it can work out easier for the club. Staffing You can get spit roast caterers such as Victorian Golden Roast to provide servers, which mean you don’t need to work out a roster of volunteers to man the barbeque. This means you can sit back and enjoy the day rather than spending all day behind the barbeque if people don’t show up when they are supposed to be cooking. Safety As OH&S requirements are getting stricter for community organisations like football clubs, you now need to train people on how to...

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3 Must-try Dishes from Kerala

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India is a vast country, and the largest democracy in the world. Within this huge expanse of land, there are people who have many different religions, speak many different languages, and have completely different cultures. This diversity is also reflected in the food of India, and each region has its own type of cuisine and specialty dishes. Most of the Indian food that travels abroad is from the north and the Punjabi region in particular, but South Indian cuisine is on the rise in Indian restaurants in Australia and beyond. The southern state of Kerala has unique flavours that simply must be sampled. Here are three Keralan dishes that you have to try the next time you are in an Indian restaurant. Idli and sambar. The combination of idli and sambar is most commonly consumed at breakfast time, but...

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