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Catering for the footy grand final

If your club is catering to the footy grand final, you’ll need to work out how to feed and water the hungry masses as quickly as possible. If you’re tired on being on the sausage sizzle why not try a spit roast caterer this time? Here are some reasons it can work out easier for the club.


You can get spit roast caterers such as Victorian Golden Roast to provide servers, which mean you don’t need to work out a roster of volunteers to man the barbeque. This means you can sit back and enjoy the day rather than spending all day behind the barbeque if people don’t show up when they are supposed to be cooking.


As OH&S requirements are getting stricter for community organisations like football clubs, you now need to train people on how to prepare food safely if you are going to be selling food you have prepared on site. By using a spit roast catering company you leave all of the training and safety requirement with them.

Equipment and food storage

The caterers bring all of their own equipment so you don’t need to organise the barbeque and worry about running out of gas part way through the day. You also don’t need to worry about buying the food before the grand final and storing it all somewhere beforehand. You also don’t have to worry about washing all of the trays and tong afterwards, which no one is in the mood for after a long day of cheering on your team.


The caterers can bring a range of meats so that people have some option of the roasts that they like the most. You can also get a variety of salads provided. They can also provide drinks if you need but you may already have a supply of drinks from the season that you want to use up for grand final celebrations.


Spit roast catering works out very economically, and is competitive with most sausage sizzle type functions as the companies can buy their meat in bulk and get a much better price than you could when buying for a single event. As a result you can run the event as a fundraiser as well, and make a small profit on the tickets to fund the football clubs ongoing costs.

As you can see, getting an external company in to run a spit roast for the grand final is an easy and effective catering option.

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