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Practical Tips For Checking The Hygiene Standard Of A Restaurant

When eating out in a restaurant, it is important to know that the standard of cleanliness is of critical importance to the staff and servers working there. It can help you to relax and put your mind at ease if you see that the restaurant maintains a high level of hygiene. Although it is very difficult to physically enter the kitchen to inspect the conditions there, there are a number of other checks you can make to infer that cleanliness is maintained throughout the whole running of the restaurant. Fortunately, these checks can be carried out discreetly, and can help you to relax and enjoy the meal.

On the Way In

If at all possible, approach the restaurant from the rear side before entering through the front entrance. As you pass the rear of the restaurant, look at the condition of the area around the back door. It should be neat and tidy, with no overflowing garbage in bins or rotting food on display. Processing and dealing with waste should be as important to the restaurant as the quality of food it serves. Additionally, the back door of the restaurant may be open, allowing you to have a quick look inside and get an idea of the tidiness of the kitchen.

On the Way To Your Seat

As you approach your seat, make sure you visually inspect the other tables as you pass them. Look for liquids or dried foods stuck on menus or the tablecloth, and have a quick look underneath the table as you pass from the correct angle. Restaurants who pride themselves in being hygienic and clean will not miss these small details, and the table areas will be kept scrupulously clean. If your seat allows you to pass the kitchen, see if you can have a quick glance inside as you approach your seat. Again, if you get a good glance, you should be able to see a clean and well organized kitchen.

Visit The Bathroom Before The Food Arrives

A sterling indicator of a clean and hygienic restaurant (like Currambine Bar & Bistro) is the condition of their bathrooms. Not only should these areas be pristine and clean, they should have full stocks of paper towels and other amenities. There should be no leaks in the toilet facilities, or any pools of gathering water. Any restaurant that struggles to maintain their public bathrooms should probably be avoided.

You can also visually inspect the member of staff who serves you, checking that their nails and hair appear to be clean. Make sure they handle your cutlery correctly – they should not touch the end that goes into the mouth.

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