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Culinary Celebrations | 3 Eclectic Ideas For Throwing a Fabulous Sushi Party

When you enjoy cooking, chances are entertaining has always been part of your agenda. If you’ve decided to throw a sushi party at home, you’ve got your work cut out for you – but the effort of cooking up a storm and sharing homemade fresh sushi with friends is worth it in the end. Applied creatively, a sushi party is a surefire way to keep things interesting by celebrating birthdays, milestone events and holidays with the people you care about the most. Get your supplies from a local store or through a local sushi catering service. But first you’ll need to know what type of sushi party you want. Here are some eclectic ideas for throwing a fabulous sushi party.

Hand Roll Sushi Party

Sushi hand rolls are a popular snack – so planning a hand roll sushi party is bound to be a grand success. Sushi rice is set on a crisp nori (edible seaweed) sheet and topped with some fillings. The nori is wrapped like a cone and is eaten immediately with no knives and chopsticks necessary. You’ll need a large bowl of sushi rice along with other ingredients set in the middle of a large dining table. Choose fillings that are easy to prepare – plan a few seafood items like shrimp and crabmeat, vegetables like carrots and mushrooms and meat like beef and chicken. Include an assortment of sweet and spicy flavours for more variety. Guests can make their own hand rolls based on their personal taste. A hand roll party is an excellent choice for early evening get-togethers. 

Sushi and Cocktail Party

A sushi and cocktail party is an excellent idea for a nighttime celebration – consisting of dazzling cocktails and a variety of sushi appetizers that appeal to every palate. A sushi and cocktail party works best when the sushi is prepared ahead of the party or ordered from a sushi catering company – so the host and guests can enjoy a lovely evening soiree mingling in celebration.

DIY Sushi Extravaganza  

If you have a set of adventurous friends who like getting their hands a little sticky, then a DIY sushi party is just for you. To get things rolling, set up your sushi station – with all the ingredients. Include step-by-step instructions for preparing different types of sushi and sashimi, so your guests can try their hand at different varieties. Again, select ingredients that are easy to prepare. Keep dinner plates, chopsticks, soy sauce and wasabi close at hand, so you can serve the sushi to everyone sitting around the table right after it’s made. A DIY sushi party is best for a small group of friends to enjoy together.

A sushi party is an excellent choice for a celebration, because it infuses fun, entertainment, learning and a chance to try a different cuisine. Depending on the type of party you’re planning, you may need to buy all the ingredients from a local Asian store or you can invest in the services of a sushi catering company.


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