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Have Your Cake & Eat it Too: 3 Ingredient Substitutions to Look for When on a Diet

Obesity is becoming a worldwide epidemic and concern, and the rates of Australians that are overweight or obese continue to rise. Shockingly, almost 2/3 of adult Australians, or 63%, are considered to be overweight and obese. Choosing healthier food options and identifying healthier ingredients that can be used as a substitute are key components to weight management and weight loss. If you want to enjoy eating foods like cakes, here are 3 substitute ingredients that you should look for when on a diet.

Stray Away from White Carbs & Opt for Whole Wheat Alternatives

White carbs are made from refined starches and are high in calories. They basically play the same role as sugar when they are ingested and interfere with your body’s blood-glucose levels. This can cause you to gain body weight.

Cakes that are made from whole-wheat flour rather than white flour can help you better manage your weight. Cakes that substitute 1 cup of whole -wheat flour for every 7/8 cup of white flour contain extra fiber that will aid digestion. In addition, some studies have indicated that a whole wheat diet can decrease the production of proteins that cause inflammation in the body by 38%.

Opt for Cakes that Substitute other Ingredients for Butter

Omitting butter from the cake recipes can greatly reduce the amount of calories, fat and cholesterol that are being ingested. There are countless healthier substitutes and alternatives that you can replace in the place of butter. Most of the time, you won’t be able to taste the difference in the cakes. Common substitutes include replacing:

  • Replace half the amount of butter in the recipe with applesauce or even all of the butter with applesauce. If you choose to replace all of the butter with applesauce, the cake will be much denser and moist.
  • Replace canola oil with unsalted butter. Canola oil can be substituted for recipes that require melted butter, as it contains much less cholesterol, sodium and unsaturated fat.
  • Replace butter with prune puree. If the recipe involves chocolate and cinnamon, prune puree can be used as a substitute for butter.

Most of these substitute are low in fat and calories, and can help you better manage your body weight without having to forgo cake altogether.

Choose Cakes Decorated with Fresh Fruits Rather than Sweets

Rather than fondant, icing and other types of chocolates and sweets, some cakes adorn fresh fruits instead. These cakes also tend to be a healthier alternative, as the fresh fruits not only add sweetness to the cake, but also contains a lot of fiber that aids digestion.

Just because you’re on a diet, it does not necessarily mean that you have to forgo cake altogether. There are many bakeries that offer healthy alternatives by substituting ingredients that are lower in calories and saturated fat without compromising the taste of the cake. Learn more about healthy options by consulting locations like Cookies and More.