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What Should You Leave the Babysitter for Dinner?

You’ve finally got a babysitter organised so you can enjoy a date night with your husband, and then you realise you need to leave them something to eat for dinner. Here are some options you can consider.

Assemble ingredients so they can cook from scratch

While this looks like a great idea on the face of it, it has a few flaws. First depending on your babysitters cooking skills, everyone could easily end up with a burnt dinner. Equally in all likelihood you’ll end needing to wash all the pots and pans that get used, which isn’t that much fun after a night out. You also risk your children not eating and throwing a fit over the food.

This is a relatively easy option, although you’ll probably still need to plan what you think that they can cook with the food, just in case you are missing some vital ingredient for any common recipes.

Reheating a frozen meal

If you are well prepared, you maybe to able to rustle through the freezer and turn up a frozen container of spaghetti sauce or similar. This is often popular with teenagers and younger children and requires less cooking skills, and hopefully the kids should eat it up as it’s a familiar meal. You may still be left with some cleaning up if red sauce ends up all over the kitchen, and you still have a slight risk of burning the meal even when reheating in the microwave. This is an easy and cost-effective option as you already have the food on hand.

Ordering takeaway pizza

Leaving the babysitter some money to organise takeaway pizza for themselves and the kids is a great idea. It’s a super popular option for kids of any age so should be eaten, and makes a night with the babysitter seem like more of a treat from the children. The babysitter can choose something that suit’s their tastes as well as the children’s tastes and you shouldn’t have to clean up much beyond throwing the pizza boxes in the recycling bin the next morning. Who knows, there might even be some spare slices when you guys get home as well.

While there are pros and cons for each option, leaving some money for the babysitter to organise takeaway pizza is an easy, stress-free and popular option for dinner for both the children and your babysitter. Learn more about delivery deals by contacting local options like Pizza Inn Delivery.